Below is a list of media outlets, blogs, twitter users and more with an online entity here in Rwanda. I’ll update this list as and when I discover new sources. If you think you should be on this list, drop me a line.

Newspapers and news agencies:

The Chronicles – English language weekly out of Kigali. More info here.
The New Times – RPF supporting English language daily.
The Rwanda Focus – updates sporadically.
Agence de Presses Africaine – the Rwanda news section is limited.
Izuba – a Kinyarwanda language newspaper.
Igihe – Kinyarwanda language news portal.
Umuseso – tabloid newspaper (banned in Rwanda for 6 months as of April, 2010).
Umusingi – a Kinyarwanda language tabloid.
Umuvugizi – another independent tabloid. Also banned in Rwanda.
NewsLine – English language version of Umuseso. Banned in Rwanda.
The Rwanda Daily – A Twitter generated daily online “newspaper”
Rwanda News Agency – updated regularly (registration required).


The Eye – free listings and travel magazine

Radio and TV:

Radio Rwanda – government run, in English, French, Kinyarwanda and Swahili.
Contact FM – popular radio station with podcasts.
BBC World Service Africa – in English, French, Kinyarwanda and Swahili.
Radio Flash FM – music, news and discussion from Kigali.
Radio Salus – the University radio station in Butare.
ORINFOR Rwanda Broadcasting – State Television and Radio broadcasts.

Other outlets:

Rwanda Genocide Archive video, audio, and photographic testimony of the Genocide.
Rwanda Development Gateway has a list of most media outlets in Rwanda.
Rwanda Topix – Online news aggregator for Rwanda.
ReliefWeb Rwanda – Information for humanitarian and relief community.
La Nouvelle Releve – Rwanda government press releases.
Le Monde Diplomatique – Articles on Rwanda.
InterNews – Articles on Rwanda.
East African Business Week – Articles on Rwanda. – Articles on Rwanda.
BBC Great Lakes – articles on Rwanda in Swahili, French and Indimi.
BBC News – Articles covering Rwanda.
All Africa on Rwanda – The biggest and best African news aggregator.
Africa Confidential – news with no byline from Rwanda.
Huffington Post Rwanda – Opinion and news items.
Reuters – reports from Rwanda.
Rwandan Stories – genocide and recovery in Rwanda.
World Bank Rwanda – data and reports from Rwanda.
News of Rwanda – News in Kinyarwanda and French.


Afrigator Rwanda blog list – a list of blogs registered with Afrigator.
A Moment in Rwanda – a Nursing Professor and Clinical Instructor blogs on life in Rwanda.
All About Rwanda – mostly opinion and political discussion about Rwanda.
Anna’s Suitcase – Anna is a teacher working in Rwanda.
Arresting Development – news link round up blog.
Marge in Rwanda – Marge is Peace Corps volunteer in Rwanda.
Anouck’s Displaced World – Blog of a UNHCR representative based in Rwanda.
And now for something completely different – a blog by Emily, a “communications and media”.
Adam Bacher on assignment in Rwanda – a photographer in and out of Rwanda.
Big Fella in Kigali – Cricket without Boundaries blog.
Birding in Rwanda – By birding guide Marcell Claassen in Musanze, northern Rwanda.
Le carnet de Colette Braeckman – Journalist based in East Africa.
Bruce’s Rwanderings – an education adviser at work in rural Rwanda.
Congo Siasa – Jason Stearns excellent DR Congo, Rwanda focussed blog.
Do you realize? – Mike Rossiter working with a health centre in Musanze, Rwanda.
Hinenihereiam – Personal blog of a foreign student in Kigali.
Julia’s Rwanda Blog – Works on the One laptop per child project.
Karisimbi Partners blog – the blog behind the Karisimbi Partners business consultancy.
Kigali Restaurant Reviews – a good place to start exploring the Kigali dining scene.
The Kigali Times – French science student in Rwanda.
Korean in Kigali – Yuna’s blog from Kigali. Now defunct.
Living in Kigali – written by an “ex-pat in Kigali”.
Michelle in Rwanda – radio producer intern in Kigali.
Mayenge Millennium Villages Blog – Blog posts from Mayenge, Rwanda.
Mission Rwanda – blog by a Scottish Christian charity.
Morgan in Africa – in Burundi and Rwanda.
On the way to paradise – Emily Wilson, humanitarian worker – DR Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.
One Laptop per Child – the project has had an office in Kigali since June, 2009.
Life in Kigali – slightly confusing title as Daniel the author is based 170km north of the capital in Nyagatare.
Oxford Central Africa forum – Academic blog, sometimes blogs on Rwanda.
The Ruling Zeitgeist – an anonymous blogger based in Kigali.
Bradt travel guide to Rwanda – ongoing updates to the travel guide on this blog.
Ruairí – Ruairí is an Education Management Adviser.
Dispatches from Rwanda – about politics and news in Rwanda.
Rewarding Rwanda – Sigri is a youth delegate for the Norwegian Red Cross Youth.
Rwanda Initiative – a group blog by Canadian interns at the journalism training NGO in Rwanda.
Rwanda Diaspora Focus newsletter – A diaspora blog from the UK.
Stephen and Mary in Rwanda – VSO blog from Rwamagana
Survivor’s Fund – A blog by a UK charity helping survivors of the genocide.
Great Lakes Dispatches – Molly Feltner is a freelance writer and photographer living in Ruhengeri, Rwanda..
Steve in Rwanda – Steve is, or was a Yoga Teacher Trainer.
Shalom Rwanda – a blog by Micaela working at Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village for a year
Muraho Rwanda… again – a blog by Mike Brand, also working at Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village for a year
Thoughts from Rwanda – fun insights from Mollie Gerver, also at Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village.
Free as a berde – a blog by Mara Berde, who is also working at Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village
Bololam – Michele Hernandez is a Peace Corps volunteer
Travels with Perry: in search of Rwanda – based in Kigali, working with an American NGO
Texas in Africa – researcher, regularly blogs on Rwandan issues
Developing World Connections – A blog by Volunteer Team Leaders of Developing World Connections
DFID in Rwanda – Elizabeth Carriere is Head of DFID Rwanda and Burundi
France-Rwanda Tribune – A French language blog by Jean-Marie Vianney Ndagijimana


Flickr Rwanda – Geo-located Flickr photographs from Rwanda on a map


Arresting Development podcast – This podcast explores doing business and living in Rwanda from an expat’s perspective. Published by Jeff Holmes of the Arresting Development blog


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