Kigali Wire is a blog from Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. My name is Graham Holliday. I’m fairly new to Kigali and, although I have a stack of books to read about Rwanda, I’m far from being an expert on the country. UPDATE: As of September, 2011 I am also the Reuters correspondent for Rwanda.

While I sift local news and aggregate the more interesting tidbits on the blog, most of the site will consist of the photographs I take around Kigali. I’ll post the prettier pictures here and talk about where I took them and what’s going on (if anything).

Having said that, this blog is also a social media experiment for me to test some ideas I have about publishing online related to my media training work around the world. Without going into all the details… Kigaliwire.com is just one small aspect of a large “porous publishing” experiment. Much of the content is, or will be, distributed across 75+ other online services. If you’re interested in the thinking and the doing of all this, please go and have a dig inside the Kigali Back Wire and the Kigali Wire Roughbook. Or watch, and read the notes for, the presentation below.

Rwanda has made huge strides forward since the 1994 genocide and it places a great deal of emphasis on the role of the Internet for future development. It is my hope that kigaliwire.com can go some way towards creating a working model of how to publish information online across the whole web, rather than just on a tiny wee bit of it.

I’m very open to suggestions to improve this blog and I’m keen on hearing comments and insight into news stories we might talk about here. Any intelligent criticism you have is welcome. Gibberish is not and will be erased. I’m also averse to anonymous comments.