Inside Nsinda prison

I visited Nsinda Prison in Rwamagana province, eastern Rwanda a couple of week’s back. Rwanda has an impressive track record when it comes to using renewable energy and I wanted to see how the prison used biogas.

Prison’s have a… how can we put this delicately… fairly constant supply of raw material with which to feed biogas digesters and a steady, regular supply of waste is what you need to make the thing work. It’s trickier to repeat the same trick in schools and hospitals as populations fluctuate and students go on holiday.

Rwanda recently finished installing biogas equipment in all prisons. In fact, it’s the prisoners – mostly Genocidaires including many former engineers – who construct the biogas station.

I’ll have more on this in a few more weeks. Unfortunately, we – Reuters – were not allowed to film on this visit. So, while we wait for the filming authorisation to arrive so we can make a return visit, here are three pictures from inside Nsinda Prison.

At the top you can see one of two kitchens in Nsinda prison. Prisoners eat two times per day; Porridge in the morning, beans and maize in the afternoon. Below that, you have one of the prisoners showing me the designs of the biogas unit. Finally, these guys were my guides from the Rwanda National Police and the prison itself.

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