Ingabire case adjourned until Wednesday

Victoire Ingabire appeared at Kigali Supreme Court this morning. She’s accused of divisionism and terrorist activities. Her trial has long been delayed. She was arrested in October, 2010 and last appeared in court in June, 2011. At that appearance, her defence team requested more time to translate her dossier into English,

Ingabire said she needed more time to study her dossier of about 2500 pages in Kinyarwanda, including evidence coming from Burundi, Belgium and The Netherlands. Also, the dossier needs to be translated in English. link

The problem today was not with the translation of the documents (pictured above), but with the ability of the (pro-bono) translator in the court. The case is adjourned until Wednesday 7 September when the defence team hope to come back with a translator who can more accurately translate from English into Kinyarwanda and vice-versa. The court promised that a “competent interpreter” would be appointed.

The word at court was that when the case finally gets started, it is expected to last around two weeks. Various diplomats and journalists were present at the trial. The Dutch say they are watching the trial closely. As they say, the case continues…

More photographs from day one of this trial on Flickr.

2 Responses to “Ingabire case adjourned until Wednesday”

  1. Ann Garrison says:

    Great photographs. I missed this on the day the trial opened. Are you attending?

  2. kigaliwire says:

    When I can, yes. I understand the case will adjourn today, although not sure for how long.