Leah Chushugi discusses Rwanda

Leah Chisugi photograph taken by Linda Nylind

Rwanda Genocide survivor Leah Chishugi will be at the Frontline Club in London tonight to discuss “survivor’s guilt”, her new book and her Everything is a benefit charity in DR Congo. If you can’t get to the Club, you can watch the discussion live on Ustream. The event starts at 7pm GMT.

She will be joining us at the Frontline Club in conversation with special correspondent and presenter for BBC News, Razia Iqbal, to tell her story and the stories of the women and children in the eastern part of Congo that she now dedicates herself to helping.

Chishugi grew up in eastern Congo but moved to Kigali the Rwandan capital at the age of sixteen to work as a model, she married and had a son. But just three years later she found herself caught up in the massacre that claimed over 800,000 lives. She escaped only after being left for dead under a pile of corpses. link

If you’re in Kigali and, like me, your Internet connection crawls, you can still catch the discussion as a podcast by subscribing to the (excellent) Frontline Club podcast. The Club normally post the audio recording a day or two after the event.

On a side note, I’m a Frontline Club member and worked for the Club for a number of years as a journalism trainer. I also ran their website, livestream, social media presence and foreign correspondent blog network. So, I’m particularly pleased to see the Club is hosting a Rwanda related event.

In addition, the member’s room acts as something of a London bureau for Kigali Wire whenever I’m in the UK. It is also home to my favourite restaurant in London. I strongly recommend.

UPDATE: the event is now available as a video or audio.

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