On the road in Rwanda

My friend Christopher Vourlias has spent a great deal of time travelling and writing about Rwanda, DR Congo and beyond. When he lived in Rwanda we would often meet up and swap the latest conspiracy theories – of which there are legion in Rwanda. Christopher left Rwanda sometime before the World Cup in South Africa. He’s now in Harare.

However, armed with a bundle of donkey rider notebooks – excellent choice – he set up off and doodled through Rwanda and DR Congo. He’s now transcribed the entire journey onto his blog. Unfortunately, he’s made a total hash of organising it for the casual reader…

Prompted by Texas in Africa, here is Christopher’s journey through Rwanda and beyond listed in order of 25 clickable installments – ideal Instapaper fodder for long journeys if you have an iPhone of iPad.

Oh, and someone give this guy a book deal. We need a travel book like this from this region.

1. You have your problems. We have ours – Kigali to Gisenyi

2. It’s something I think or dream – Gisenyi, Rubona, on the Rwandan side of Lake Kivu

3. Everyone’s a businessman here – Gisenyi

4. It’s like paradise. Almost – Gisenyi, Rubona and a boat down Lake Kivu to Kibuye

5. The life is good, but it is a lot of change – Kibuye

6. The life of the collines – Kibuye and Bisesero

7. The mystery of the swimming cows – Kibuye

8. Political unrest and what have you – Kibuye to Cyangugu

9. Little by little. It is very nice – Cyangugu and Kamembe

10. The jewel of the Black continent – Cyangugu

11. Me no money, me no go – Cyangugu and the DR Congo border crossing

12. The weather is not good for them – Cyangugu and back to Gisenyi

13. This is not the real Africa – Gisenyi to Goma, DR Congo

14. First, you must buy a chicken – Goma

15. What is my per diem – Goma

16. You know, like Vegas – Goma

17. Bring us the Chinese – Goma

18. Hell in paradise, or paradise in hell – Goma

19. Here there are many thieves – Goma to Bukavu by boat

20. The fine art of looking fabulous – Bukavu

21. One for the road – Bukavu

22. I am just a poor journalist – Bukavu

23. In Congo, God him see – Bukavu

24. Save the world – Bukavu to Cirezi to Goma

25. You have to be courage to live here – Goma, Sake and back to Rwanda

Photograph taken on the road to Karenge, eastern Rwanda from the Kigali Wire Flick account.

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