The bee keepers of Mayange

Mayange is a village about 35 km south of Kigali on the excellent paved road down to Burundi. The village is home to 33 bee keepers, a number of whom are part of the Millenium Development Goals (MDG) scheme which received a lot of press coverage in September.

I wanted to see how the bee keepers work and whether or not the scheme had made any difference to their lives. I also wanted to take photographs. I met with three farmers; Aimable Kasavubu, Paul Muragizi and Théogène Mugwaneza.

They each told me about their lives and I’ve put a little of what they told me into the short slide show from Mayange below. You can view the pictures and read the story by clicking on the full screen button to the bottom right of the pane.

There are a few more photos on the Kigali Wire Flickr account.

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