The Rwanda Daily

I have a created a “newspaper” for all those interested in Rwanda. The Rwanda Daily is published once per day and you can sign up for it by clicking on the “Alert me” button at and adding your email address. You will then receive an email once per day letting you know when the latest edition is available.

Without going into all the details… the Rwanda Daily is produced from links about Rwanda shared on Twitter by some 80 – 90 people daily. It’s not filtered, it’s potentially easy to “game” and I’m not responsible for content which may appear in it etc. etc…

If you’re after a quick overview of Rwanda on a daily basis, the Rwanda Daily might be for you. I’ve been testing it for a couple of months and, beyond some spammy tweet links, it’s provided quite an interesting overview.

I hope you still come back to Kigali Wire for the photos and the news wire which, unlike the Rwanda Daily, is 100% human-filtered. By me.

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