Suspected grenade attack in Kigali

A suspected grenade attack hit central Kigali at approximately 7pm yesterday evening at the busy Rubangura bus stop. At least 7 people were wounded in the attack. Rwandan police have arrested three suspects and are linking this attack to a spate of similar attacks which began in February, 2010,

“We have arrested three suspects, who we are interrogating now, but considering where it happened we suspect that it is connected to earlier explosions in the year,” police spokesman Eric Kayiranga said in an interview today. “These are criminals seeking to destabilize us, but we have put different mechanisms in place across the country to ensure that Rwanda is secure.” link

A total of 10 grenades or IEDs have exploded in the capital on five separate evenings since 19 February. 5 people have been killed and at least 73 wounded. The attack comes on the day the 2010 Presidential election results were confirmed giving Kagame 93% of the vote. Previous attacks have also occurred at “auspicious moments”.

The three simultaneous attacks on February 19 happened just days before the French President Nicolas Sarkozy was due to visit Kigali.

Two weeks later, on March 3, President Kagame sought to reassure Rwandans that they were safe. The day after his announcement, there were two simultaneous attacks and sixteen people were injured.

However, as one journalist commented last night; you could easily associate any one of these attacks with any number of events or issues at any given time.

Rapha has a good summary (in German) of previous grenade attacks in Kigali.

In an attempt to try and make some sense of these attacks, I have mapped them onto the Google map below. Click on a pin to find out more about each attack. Please let me know if there any inaccuracies.

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  2. Anon says:

    Just as the “Kayumba shooting” followed shortly after the departure of Erlinder the fact that this follows very shortly after the Election is another attempt by someone to keep Rwanda in the news.

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  4. Alex says:

    There was a grenade attack in Byimana, Ruhango Province, that killed four in January.

  5. kigaliwire says:

    Thanks Alex, yeah there were more in Dec 2009 too

    But, this is specifically about attacks within Kigali, which were unheard of before Feb, 2010.

    Grenades in the provinces are not “that” unusual.