Rwanda votes

Kigali residents were out in numbers this morning to vote in the 2010 Presidential election. Voting was scheduled to begin at 6am. I spotted a line of 60 – 75 voters at around 5:15amin in Kimihuru district. At 5:30am, I headed over to Nyamirambo with Reuters snapper Finbarr O’Reilly to try and gauge the voting day buzz. It was typically Rwandan – calm, quiet, orderly… kinda dull. White t-shirted polling day staff were briefed a little before 6am by which time lengthy lines, like the one above, had already formed.

Polling stations are, I believe, open until 3pm. However, observers tell me the voting is expected to be largely over by 10am. President Paul Kagame was set to vote next to the arts and crafts market near Le Cercle de Sportif. He’s also expected to snag at least 90% of the vote. I understand the “opposition” parties need to gain 5% of the vote each if they are to receive state allocated funds for political parties. I’ll blog a little more during the day, if time permits. In the meantime, I’ll upload photos to the Kigali Wire Flickr account.