Campaign kicks off in Rwanda

Rwanda’s Presidential election campaign began this week. The four eligible candidates have three weeks to travel around Rwanda and inform voters of their manifestos before polling day on August 9.

Local and foreign journalists have a shiny new election press centre to base themselves in. However, according to Rwandan law, the election result does not have to be declared until August 23. I’m not sure how many foreign hacks will hang around for two weeks in expensive Kigali if the results take that long to trickle out. Although, I do know at least Hez Hollland will be in town.

I’m in France at the moment. I’ll be back in Kigali at the end of next week. I have a new camera with which I intend to do a lot more snapping during the election. We’ve already discussed some of the key concerns in the run up to the election and I am trying (as best I can between connections) to keep abreast with Rwandan election campaign news while I am travelling. I’m bookmarking all campaign news items here. The highlights I’ve picked up on today are:

Paul Bakibinga spoke to the former speaker of the Rwandan parliament and a critic of the regime in Rwanda, author Joseph Sebarenzi,

However, Rwanda’s High Commissioner to the UK, Ernest Rwamucyo, is confident that the polls will be free and fair.

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