The World Cup in Rwanda

The World Cup has arrived in Rwanda. Bags of bars, cafes and restaurants in Kigali are showing the games live. For the cost of a 500Rwf MTN airtime refill, I went to Amahoro Stadium in the Remera district of Kigali to see the opening game between South Africa and Mexico. I took a few pictures on my phone, like the one above.

As far as I can tell, of the 10,000 or more people in attendance, there were precisely three Mexico fans. They revealed themselves by cheering loudly as the Mexicans scored a (disallowed) goal in the first half. Everyone else was routing for the host nation – or just decided to keep very, very quiet whenever Mexico looked like doing anything.

All 64 World Cup games are scheduled to be shown at both Amahoro and Nyamirambo stadiums. While games screened in the national stadium will set you back an MTN airtime card, Nyamirambo screenings require the purchase of a bottle of Coca-Cola.

At the time of blogging, I have yet to spot a vuvuzela at any game aired in Kigali, but I’m sure they exist, even in sleepy Kigali. If your finding the football a bit dull, or you’re feeling peckish post-match, you can always nip outside for a brochette.

2 Responses to “The World Cup in Rwanda”

  1. Lon says:

    I heard there might be vuvuzela’s at mille coline this Saturday. There will be some Dutch as the manager is Dutch. Of course Bralirwa (Dutch) will be there.

    Guess where I am from.

  2. sbangel says:

    there were a few rwanda-color vuvuzelas at the match with zambia that i saw back in november
    they’re lurking around