Field of Dreams

Three months ago, I stood on a patch of dirt in Rubona village in Rwamagana district in Eastern Rwanda. I was there to observe a small team of football fans erect an inflatable screen and broadcast live English Premiership football to 4,000 Rwandan villagers. You can read more about it in a previous post, or see the slideshow of the story below.

The Field of Dreams project, as it became known, planned to screen World Cup football from Africa to rural Africa. The team managed to secure funding to screen in rural Kenya, but not Rwanda. As I type, they are in Kenya organising equipment and venues. I’ll be talking to the team in the coming days and will update on this blog as and when I hear anything new.

A conversation that began over two years ago is now about to culminate in the ‘Kenya Field of Dreams’ project. Originally the idea was simple; the World Cup is going to be in Africa and it would be a shame if many of the African people miss out. What could we do to stop that from happening? Well, at least as far as we were capable. So we thought why don’t we take the games to them, why don’t we get the satellite equipment, a projector and screen the games to whomever wants to come and watch? link

I wrote and photographed a feature for the current edition of BBC Focus on Africa Magazine about the project. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear online. But, you’ll get much the same story from watching the slideshow.

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