Kagame at Kwita Izina

President Kagame attended the annual Gorilla naming ceremony in Virunga, northern Rwanda on 5th June. Kwita Izina, as it is called in Kinyarwanda, literally means “naming of”,

Kwita Izina, the uniquely Rwandan event, was introduced in 2005 with the aim of creating awareness for the conservation of the endangered mountain Gorillas, which is line with this year’s theme of WED “Many Species, One Planet, One Future” link

Adam Scotti was present at the festivities. He took a fantastic series of photos of Kagame, like the one above, and the actor Don Cheadle among others. I’ve embedded the pictures below. You can see more of Adam’s images on his Flickr account.

And, just in case you were wondering about the names of the baby Gorillas. Zoya and WakaWaka are two of the chosen names,

American actor Don Cheadle announced during the traditional Kwita Izina ceremony at Volcanoes National Park that one of the baby gorillas will be named “Zoya”, which refers to “life” and “light” in several languages.  The United Nations Environment Program (or UNEP) says it was chosen by 3,400 Internet users around the world.

Chinese wildlife photographer Luo Hong announced that another baby gorilla will be named “WakaWaka”, which means “to light up” in Swahili.  UNEP says that name was selected in an online competition by children around the world. link

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