Tilted in Kigali

I’m a complete newcomer to tiltshift photography on the iPhone. In fact, the image above – of a bus queue on the outskirts of central Kigali – is my first (poor) attempt. However, I’m keen to learn more especially as I’ve previously managed to get some decent shots out of the Camerabag iPhone app.

As I slowly attempt to move this site more into the photographic realm, I’d be grateful of any helpful pointers on technique and the like. I’m buying a new camera soon and I’m on the look out for stories to go and photograph. In the meantime, here’s a screenshot of the apps I’m currently playing with on the iPhone. Any favourites of yours missing?

Photograph of a Kigali originally uploaded to the Kigali Wire Mobypicture account.

2 Responses to “Tilted in Kigali”

  1. Marta Szabo says:

    Hi Graham,

    I like the look of your blog very much, especially the photos.

    I found it b/c my boss is going to Kigali next week for a women’s conference & I am trying to get all the info on how her iPhone will work over there. She has a U.S. iPhone.

    If you have any tips, please pass them on.

    In the meantime, congratulations on such rich content. I will stop by and keep up with what you are doing.


  2. kigaliwire says:

    Thanks for dropping me a line.

    Hmmm… I have a jailbroken iPhone and it works fine with a local SIM. Cheap too. I probably only get through 5-8,000Rwf per month, mostly web/email/twitter and the occasional call and SMS

    You can use Spirit – http://spiritjb.com/ – to jailbreak the phone which works very well.