Rwanda stamping back to 1970

Flickr user Footysphere takes a great look back at some postage stamps apparently issued by Rwanda during the 1970 World Cup in Mexico. I say “apparently” as, according to stamp spotters on the Internet, there are a lot of fake vintage stamps produced around the world and Rwanda has fallen victim on occasion. If you’re really keen, and quick (sale ends March, 2010) you can even buy a set of these stamps on eBay. As there are very few post offices in Rwanda in 2010, I’m a little sceptical as to how many Rwandans knew of, or used, postal services back in 1970.

UPDATE: Karl, who keeps the Footysphere Flickr account, dropped me a line to tell me more about the stamps,

There are many ‘illegal stamps’ that purport to be issued by Rwanda but this is a genuine issue listed in all the major catalogues. However you’re right about the practical nature of Rwandan stamp issues, they were rarely used for postal purposes. They were commercially issued mainly for collectors and brought in much needed revenue to Rwanda’a postal administration.

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