Victoire Ingabire (does not) seek refuge at UK High Commission

This story appears to be a hoax. I’m told Ingabire had a meeting at the UK High Commission and then went home. I can hardly wait until the presidential race starts for real. Just imagine the jolly japes…

According to her party’s Facebook page (basically a feed of press releases), the 2010 Rwanda presidential election hopeful, Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, is curently was seeking “protection and refuge” at the UK High Commission in Kigali. Here’s the beginning part of her the phoney statement dated 12:29pm today Kigali time,

Following confirmed information of an imminent arrest, detention in a solitary confinement, physical and mental harassment and psychological torture, Ms. Victoire Ingabire, the Chair of UDF INKINGI, managed to reach the British High Commission in Kigali for a temporary refuge. link

Ingabire has been in the spotlight ever since she arrived in the Rwandan capital in mid-January. Over the weekend her party announced that it would join forces with two other opposition parties. This morning The New Times said it would begin publishing a “well researched investigative report” into Ingabire in tomorrow’s edition. Contact FM will begin broadcasting the first part of the same investigation this evening.

Ingabire has lived in Holland for the past 16 years. There is a Dutch Embassy in Kigali. It’s not clear as to why she would turn to the Brits for “protection”. Probably because she never sought refuge in the first place? Which all begs the question: what is the statement doing on the “official” UDF INKINGI Facebook fan page in the first place? The plot doesn’t so much thicken, as get thick.

Or am I missing sommit?

Photo taken from Victoire Ingabire’s offical site