Krock the house

Hard rock in Kigali? If Kiss are your bag, you might want to check out the K’Rockodiles next week. I’ve never heard of them, but I just got this in my email,

Come check out Kigali’s only Hard Rock Band!

The K’Rockodiles will be playing on Friday Jan 29th at Planet in KBC. If you missed them at the Mutzig Beer Fest back in October, don’t make the same mistake again. Show starts at 10:00pm. Don’t be late!

Special Promotion: Buy one, get one free MUTZIG!

Check out the show flyer in the photos section of kigalilife. You do not want to miss this amazing opportunity to rock with Kigali’s hottest band, that will be wearing Kigali’s hottest pants (check out the flyer). It’s so hot, it almost burns. See you there!

Kigali is hardly the likeliest place for a hard rock band to come from. I’d be interested to hear what they’re like, but I’m not expecting to discover Africa’s equivalent of the MC5 in downtown Kigali anytime soon.

UPDATE 28 January, 2010: Benji, who plays with the band, dropped me a line to tell us more about the set they will perform tomorrow:

We will play around 20 covers, mostly classic rock songs, from steppenwolf, zz top, the black crowes, the stones… to blur, jet, franz ferdinand… We will also play some softer things to keep the local crowd happy. We hope it’ll be rocky enough to bring something new to the live scene in Kigali, and at the same time not so hard as they call the cops on us.. We will wear the k’rock pants, that will already be quite something for Kigali.

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