Blue monkeys hunted in Kabaya Valley?

Marcell Claassen at the excellent Birding in Rwanda blog highlights the disturbing case of a suspected blue monkey killing in the Kabaya valley, south of Kibungo in south eastern Rwanda. Marcell picked up the message on the Rwanda Burundi Birds Yahoo Group. The report, by Jason Anderson, has not as far as I know been independently verified, but as he says,

It is definitive proof that the people there are hunting the monkeys… The fact that they were quite happy to put this skin onto display quite close to a communal grazing area, where many villagers saw it is a fairly good indication that nobody locally is stopping them. The location (approx. to 500m) is 2°17’13.09″S+30°32’13.99″E

The hunting of these monkeys is illegal. I wonder if the picture could be used as evidence to caution the umudugudu/cell/sector in question to ensure that the hunting stops? link

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