Kigali City Council crackdown on restaurant hygiene

It’s good to hear that Kigali City Council are cracking down on unhygienic restaurants and bars in the capital. However, I couldn’t help but raise a smile at the gentile way in which this New Times reporter eased his way into describing the problems facing customers,

A mini survey carried out around premises in Kacyiru and Remera revealed that some restaurants serve their customers next to lavatories.

People who live next to these bistros also complained that customers ease themselves in open spaces especially at night thus causing a health risk.

“These restaurants are in poor state. They are too squeezed and you find the kitchen, toilets and the eating places only separated by walls” complained a client.

Some of these restaurants’ latrines are not constructed at a distance of 30 meters as recommended. link

Photo taken from the Kigali Wire Flickr account

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