The newest beer on the block

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Launched in October, 2009, coming in a 72cl bottle and packing a powerful 6.5% alcoholic content, Turbo King from Bralirwa, is Rwanda’s heaviest, newest and darkest beer. It’s a thick brown, chocolatey number with a soft, bitter bite, tasting far less alcohol heavy that the labeling would have you believe. Having said that, it is significantly heavier than other beers available locally and I doubt it’ll win over too many Primus or Mutzig fans. It is well worth a sniff though.

Producer Bralirwa is the sole beer maker in Rwanda. It’s a joint operation between Heineken and the Rwandan government. Interestingly, whatever brew you choose in Rwanda, you can quaff safe in the knowledge that your pleasure is helping the “aquatic life” of Rwanda. That’s right – Bralirwa are investing in waste sludge treatment works in both Gisenyi and Kigali to the tune of Rwf908 million. I see you can buy a beer under the same name just over the way in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Photograph from the Kigali Wire Flickr account

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