Protecting Gorillas in Rwanda


Edwin Sabuhoro, a Rwandan currently studying in the UK, works in Gorilla conservation in northern Rwanda. The award winning conservationist talks about his experience trying to combine conservation and development with Jeremy Williams at Make Wealth History,

“When I was growing up I was involved in conservation work,” says Edwin, “and then I went to work for one of the national parks. The biggest problem in the parks was poaching, people coming in from the outside and killing wildlife, encroaching on park land. We saw the wildlife diminish and the parks degraded. Our answer as park rangers was just guards and guns – we’d run after people, shoot them or chase them away. We didn’t have any other message than ‘this is a park – don’t come in here. If you come in here, I’ll shoot you.’ That didn’t work. There had to be a better way to stop people killing wildlife.” link

Photo taken by extremeboh

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