Esther Heavens photos from Rwanda

esther heavens in rwanda

Freelance photographer Esther Heavens visited Rwanda in 2008 and took a series of great shots including the one above of a girl sheltering from what looks like an ominous sky. I did ask Esther to tell me a little bit more about the picture, who is in it and when and where it was taken but I’ve yet to hear back from her. Nonetheless, she has a great slideshow of 55 Rwandan images and she very kindly allowed me to publish the one above on Kigali Wire. Don’t forget, I have a Flickr account and while I couldn’t hope to take photographs as good as Esther, please let me know if you are taking snaps in Rwanda and using Flickr or any other photosharing account to publish pics from Rwanda. I intend to make Photos from Rwanda a regular series here.

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