It’s curtains for Kigali


There’s one thing we didn’t squeeze into the box when we moved to Kigali – curtains. Fortunately, there are a couple of curtain making shops in central Kigali. Interestingly, all of these shops are owned and staffed by Pakistani immigrants. Leaving my curtain woes aside for two seconds, I’m hoping to start a regular feature here with photographs from other photographers who either live in Rwanda or have travelled through and have taken an interesting picture or two. If you know of anyone who you think might be worth featuring, drop me a line.

Photograph taken from the Kigali Wire Ipernity account.

2 Responses to “It’s curtains for Kigali”

  1. George says:

    We have not met but I came across your blog and I really liked and even admired it more knowing the kind of work you go through to put it up here. It must be very challenging and I assume that you have a day job too.
    I am a Rwandan journalist,

    I am reading your postings on pictures and notes and I like most of these things you have come up with. I hope it expands and also hope soon I will start to write for this blog as well in my free time.
    That is the moral of my note second to thanking you for creating it.
    Thank you,


  2. kigaliwire says:

    Thanks very much for commenting George – my first 🙂

    Yes, this is very much an experiment in publishing. I’d like to do is look at ways to expand the site. Maybe with input from young journalists in Rwanda with me helping them learn how to publish and distribute information online.

    I’m not sure what hoops I’d have to jump through to do that – I’ll need to contact the Ministry of Information to see if it’s possible – but I think with the increased Internet speed, which is supposedly arriving at some point soon, it’d be a good place for a few young journalists to practice and learn how this all works.

    We’ll see, just all ideas at the moment. Thanks again for dropping by.