On the Rwanda buses


Up until fairly recently I’m told buses in Rwanda were far less colourful than their neighbours over the border in Kenya, where they not only plaster their matatus in spectacular murals, but even daub bus stops with “daily cartoons”. I’ve seen a number in Kigali decorated in the oddest themes, but I’ll need to speed up if I want to snap them. The trick is to have the camera at the ready and click quickly, because the drivers do not hang around.

Noteworthy buses include a Yahoo themed bus, one covered in the colours and names of Barcelona’s Neu Camp, a Man Utd bus, one decorated like an advertisement for Yemen Airlines (why..??) and one, celebrating the musician T-Pain, which I just managed to catch as it sped off into the distance. However, most of these buses are a bit more low key like The Hero pictured above and The Crow which I caught at the traffic lights at the roundabout opposite the UTC.

I understand bus owners can do pretty much what they want to the design nowadays, the only stipulation being they have to keep the yellow stripe visible. I’ll try and snap more of these in the near future. For more on the somewhat livelier bus scene in Kenya, watch the report by video journalist Ruud Elmendorp below.

Photo above taken from the Kigali Wire Ipernity account.

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