Bird spotting in Kigali


The ever helpful and thoroughly knowledgeable Marcell Classen of the brilliant Birding in Rwanda blog answered my quick questions regarding the bird sounds I recorded, and tweeted, from our garden in Kigali. Here’s the recording and below is Marcell’s expert assessment,

(Audio tweet experiment) Birds wake up in Kigali sound bite
I’ve listened to the recording of the birds; the main call that dominates is that of Common Bulbul with another further/softer call on 34-40 and 54-55 seconds which sounds like a Grey-capped Warbler.

The long whistling call heard intermittently, especially at 46sec and 49-50sec is that of the Black Kite – most likely a call whilst flying and/or swooping.

Take a look at Marcell’s birding photos on Flickr. Photo of a Black Kite in Rwanda above is by Lukas Vermeer

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  1. Birding News says:

    Great picture! Why not add it to the site in my post!

  2. kigaliwire says:

    Thanks, but it’s not my picture. I got it from Lukas, who licencsed it under Creative Commons license that allows free use with attribution, for non-commercial purposes. It’s here: