Finland set up genocide courtroom in Kigali

Finnish police arrived in Kigali at the weekend to help set up a courtroom in the capital for the trial of genocide suspect Francois Bazaramba. The former Rwandan baptist minister is suspected of being one of the main orchestrators of the mass killings in Nyakizu Province during April and May 1994. The trial begins in Kigali today. Bazaramba, who is being held in prison in the Finnish city of Vantaa, will follow proceedings via a video link – if the equipment works that is,

A test transmission on Sunday did not yet work.

When the members of the court landed in Kigali on Saturday evening, the large box containing the video equipment did not appear on the luggage conveyor. The equipment had been left at the airport in Brussels, but it arrived on Sunday evening.

If the equipment had been delayed, police officer Jari Ikäheimonen says that a Skype online telephone link would have been used instead. link

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