Faster Internet coming soon with Rwanda cable deal

laying east africa internet cable
The long awaited connection to the SEACOM East Africa broadband Internet cable is in it’s final stages of completion. New Artel has reportedly reached an agreement to gain access to the fibre optic cables which promise to bring vastly increased speeds and greatly reduced costs for Internet users in Rwanda,

According to the agreement, SEACOM will offer New Artel 620 Megabytes per second (mbs) for social and commercial use. In a breakdown, about 153 mbs will be the social capacity, which will cover schools and hospitals, as well as 467 mbs will be the commercial capacity.

SEACOM is a 1.28 Tbps capacity undersea cable linking South Africa and East Africa to Europe and Asia via the Red Sea, Egypt and the Mediterranean.

Its cables currently stretch from the East African coast to different interior destinations of Uganda and Tanzania. Karemera said: “It is now SEACOM’s responsibility to deliver since the Rwandan government is ready to tap the cables from Katuna border.” “The company has promised to inform us in two weeks about when the cable will be Katuna for us to tap.

Whichever way they get there, we don’t know. All we want is the cables to touch the border and we tap through the national backbone,” he stressed. link

Photo taken by Joseph Okanga/Reuters and appears in the Christian Science Monitor.

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