Eat your way around Kigali

Kigali pizza

I aim to get stuck into the local restaurant scene in the near future – and whether they be good or they be bad, I’ll be blogging my finds here. I’m not sure I’ll be able to pick from where the excellent Kigali Restaurant Reviews blog left off, but I’ll give it a shot. Here’s his October, 2008 reaction to the news that Nakumatt, the Kenyan supermarket chain, were about to open in Kigali,

Why is this good for Kigali? Well it’s a firm kick up the backside to all the other supermarket owners who overcharge, underservice, and can’t guarantee supplies. Nakumatt’s economies of scale will bring a new diversity of products to the shelves, and will ensure keen prices. With any luck, Nakumatt’s influence will overturn the poor service and silly prices that seem to be the accepted norm at most shops and restaurants in Kigali. Thats no excuse for the City Council to let them open a store on every corner (not that the City Council would ever, ever be open to any sort of persuasion), but a bit of exposure to an economy outside of the bubble is long overdue, and should sharpen everybody up.

And thank Nakumatt for one last thing: Those 8000 franc bottles of Domaine Bergon will be a thing of the past. Now we’re entering a new era of Spanish and South african plonks in all the colours that go for less than 5 notes a bottle. link

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