PBS report on Rwanda health care

The PBS news team from the U.S. were in Kigali and the village of Rwinkwavu recently to report on public health care for the Enterprising Ideas programme. They discuss the issue with President Kagame and the Boston-based charity Partners in Health. The reporter, David Brancaccio, kept a “notebook” during his visit which is well worth a read. There is also an excellent slideshow from where I borrowed the snap above. And you’ve gotta love the name of the team’s fixer – Elvis,

Back at the Hotel Des Milles Collines, the actual “Hotel Rwanda,” I meet our fixer for the first time. His given name, not a nickname, is Elvis. I had brought the Boston Celtics hat he wanted. It started with Larry Bird, he says. Elvis, a Rwandan who grew up in neighboring Burundi, is a stocky guy in his late twenties and a very wise man. Elvis says he did a project interviewing genocidaires in prison. Seventy percent of them said they murdered simply because the radio told them to do it. Radio was—and remains—Rwanda’s central medium. In many villages, what the radio says is taken as gospel.

Elvis is full of information. Did I know that when former President Habyarimana’s plane was shot down near Kigali airport in 1994, the act that threw the gears of the genocide into motion, the wreckage came down right in the backyard of the man’s own presidential palace? link

You should be able to see a streaming version of the show on the PBS website later today.

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