CNN meet the Gorillas


CNN reporter David McKenzie gets an early start as he heads to the hills of north-west Rwanda to meet the Mountain Gorillas for what is one of the most expensive ecotourism days out in Africa. Click the video below to watch the sub 3 minute report in full. At US$500 a day (for non-Rwandans) I’m not sure I’ll get the chance to see the gorillas myself during my Kigali tenure, but it is according to pretty much every account you come across “a profound experience”,

“Seeing mountain gorillas is described as the most profound wildlife experience on the planet,” says Phil Ward, a mountain gorilla tour planning expert in Rwanda who is helping WWF plan its March 2010 trek.

“I feel like one of the most privileged people in the safari world,” says Ward, who has completed more than 120 treks in Rwanda and throughout central Africa. link

Photo of Mountain Gorilla in Rwanda by mrflip.

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